Inspiring and Motivating: Matt Walker Interviews Jeff

Matt Walker is an adventure guide and organizational management expert who uses adventure learning to maximize executives’ leadership potential. Matt interviewed Jeff on how an executive can become the kind of speaker who motivates employees and inspires shareholders:

John Mattone's Expert Interview: Porro on Speech Writing

Jeff was profiled by John Mattone in the “Expert Interview” feature of his blog. The blog highlights outstanding practioners who help executives take their leadership skills to the next level.Mattone is an internationally-acclaimed keynote speaker and top-ranked executive coach. He is also widely regarded as the world’s leading authority on corporate culture, culture transformation and leadership.

Cicero Speechwriting Award Winner

2015 Cicero Speechwriting Award Winner

Jeff has won his second Cicero Award, honored for writing 2015’s best speech in the Energy field. Presented by Vital Speeches of the Day, the prestigious monthly collection of speeches, the annual Cicero Speechwriting Awards recognize the work of speechwriters who help leaders lead—in every sector of business, politics and society. Jeff was honored for his work on a keynote speech by energy executive George Biltz, who spoke at Pittsburgh Chemistry Day. Jeff won the award for Best Commencement Speech in 2010.

smartCEO Magazine

smartCEO Thought Leader

Jeff’s regular column on how CEOs can use speeches and presentations to grow their companies and boost their bottom lines.

Inside Connect113's March Connector Workshop With Jeff Porro

Inside Connect113

Last week in the DMV, budding entrepreneurs made their way to Alexandria, VA, to gather insight from acclaimed speech writer and author, Jeff Porro, on how speech writing plays a role in entrepreneurship. Just in case you missed it, we've got all the details on the exclusive Connect113 workshop presentation!

Fairfax Chamber of Commerce

Guest Blogger

Dynamic executives think long and hard about how to improve their skills, so they can both help their organizations succeed and also move forward in their careers. As you weigh the skill sets you need, be sure to include public speaking.

Keynote Speeches in the Social Media Age

Jeff and Karen Bate (PR guru and social media consultant), authored an article on the Ragan Communications' website offering advice on how speechwriters can make better use of the impact of social media.

How to Succeed as an Exec? Use the Spoken Word…

Jeff's piece in "Leading Edge," the online newsletter of Leadership Arlington, a great organization that inspires and encourages leaders in Arlington, Virginia.


Vital Speeches Interview: Analyzing Obama's Afghanistan Speech


Directors and Boards, `We can take this hill'

CEO-talk for hard times—How corporate leaders can use communications to rebound during an economic downturn.


Jeff Porro Wins Cicero Speechwriting Award for Best Commencement Address

The Cicero Speechwriting Awards are sponsored by Vital Speeches of the Day and The Executive Speaker—the leading publications in the speechwriting field.

Jeff Porro Wins Writer's Guild's 2008 Paul Selvin Award

Jeff Porro Wins the Writer’s Guild’s prestigious 2008 Paul Selvin Award, celebrating written work that embodies the spirit of constitutional rights and civil liberties, for The Great Debaters.

Jeff’s Blog

“Tough Talk for Hard Times”
Jeff has written and spoken extensively on how corporate leaders can use communications to rebound during an economic downturn.

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